Thor 2: The Dark World

A year after Loki’s devastating alien attack on New York, the Mighty Thor along with his friends Lady Sif and the Warriors Three fight to save the Nine Realms from deadly threats.

When Thor’s girlfriend Jane Foster discovers a fluid like weapon called the Aether, she unknowingly awakens the evil Malekith and his Dark Elf army. With this, Asgard may be facing it’s darkest hour.

Thor forms an uneasy alliance with his nemesis Loki to save Jane, stop Malekith and save the Nine Realms from total chaos and darkness.

The dramatic waterfall at Skógafoss, Iceland, was used in sequences set in the mythical home of the gods, Asgard.

  • Directed by  Alan Taylor
  • Produced by Craig Kyle / Nigel Gostelow
  • Marvel 2013