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Our services

We are an extension of your team

Expert production knowledge and experience is coupled with amazing landscapes to provide unique, unparalleled production services. We have offices in all 8 countries we represent and experts in each field.

New 35% reimbursement, 121.000 sq. ft of stages and production fueled by green energy

On location

We have unequalled expertise in dealing with fierce and uncompromising environments.
 We are able to harness these demanding locations to produce original visuals for our clients


We operate together with the best local talent, who have the experience to provide full production service for the film and television industry, TV commercials, photo shoots, music videos and documentaries

Tax rebate expertise

  • Iceland offers 35% reimbursement for film+TV productions over $2,5m / 30+ days filming or post production
  • 25% remains for all other film+TV production in Iceland
  • Norway offers 25% reimbursement for films and television production
  • Faroe Islands offers 35% reimbursement for films and television production
  • Canary Islands offers 54% / 45% reimbursement for films and television production
  • Finland offers 25% reimbursement for film and television production
  • Sweden offers 25% reimbursement for film and television production
  • Greece offers up to 40% of eligible production cost spent in Greece


Green filming and renewable energy

Truenorth commits to renewable and sustainable energy in all of its future productions. The ideology of green filming is one of our top priorities which we proudly represent. Iceland and Truenorth are able to provide clean energy in our studios, office spaces and on set with the help of electric generators and geothermal energy. We emphasise strict recycling and no single use plastic policy to join other studios and production companies on our way to make filmmaking as environmentally friendly as we can, together.

We help solve a range of challenges alongside the industries greatest. Filming in Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Finland, Sweden, Greece and Canary Islands.

What do our clients say?

"In Iceland I found this majestic landscape, which is a bit like time stood still there, these marvellous wonderful rock formations and valleys and sweeping expanses of lake"

Ridley Scott, Director, Prometheus
What do our clients say?

Truenorth provides first class services for local productions from beginning to end - impeccable communication, resilience staff that assist you in every professional way. Iceland is the crown jewel to capture natural landscape from magnificent waterfalls to gorgeous fields and valley of moss to natural hot springs to expansive lakes. Iceland has it all including the Vikings ;)

Dake Gonzales, Producer, Shake Productions / Banana Republic