Reykjavik - TRUENORTH

Fossa Studios

Two Stages in Reykjavik, only 15 min from downtown. 5.476m2 / 59.000 sq ft of Sound Stages and facilities.

2 Sound Stages

Stage 1, Oskar, offers a space of 1,130m² / 12.160 sq ft with heights up to 10m / 32.8 ft, while Stage 2, Loftur, spans 816m² / 8.780 sq ft with a maximum height of 11.7m / 38.4 ft.

On-Site Amenities

The facility boasts production offices, meeting rooms, spaces for make-up & hair, wardrobe & dressing rooms, props & art department, workshops, a canteen and equipment rooms

Fossa Studios

Fossaleynir 21-23

112 Reykjavik

Halli Hansen
+354772 7111

Studio Features and Specs (PDF)