Truenorth administers projects and budgets of all sizes, offering the highest quality production services for all media, film and television industries looking to film in Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Spain or The Canary Islands.

Expert production knowledge and experience is coupled with amazing landscapes to provide unique, unparalleled production services.

Truenorth has unequalled expertise in dealing with fierce and uncompromising environments.

We are able to harness these demanding locations to produce original visuals for our clients, working alongside some of the industry’s greatest directors and creative teams.



  • Truenorth Iceland was founded in 2003
  • Iceland offers 25% tax rebate for films and TV productions
  • Truenorth has been involved in an extensive list of films, TV series, commercials and photo shoots
  • Iceland is 103,333 km2  (39,770 sq mi)
  • Population 364.134 (2020) – plenty of space


  • Truenorth Norway was founded in 2016
  • Norway offers 25% tax rebate for films and TV productions
  • Offices in Oslo and Bergen
  • Truenorth’s first project in Norway was the film Downsizing directed by Alexander Payne
  • Norway – “North of Ordinary”



  • Given the proximity of Greenland to Iceland, Truenorth is the perfect hub to service Greenland
  • Truenorth has production serviced a number of projects in Greenland since 2003
  • We operate together with the best local talent based in Nuuk, who have the experience to provide full production service for the film and television industry, TV commercials and photo shoots

The Canary Islands

  • Truenorth set up a production service company on The Canary Islands in 2017
  • The Canary Islands offers 40% tax rebate for films and TV productions
  • Subtropical climate with an average of 23°C (73°F) in the summer and 19°C (66°F) in the winter
  • The weather is very stable – and with 360 days per year of fine weather makes it ideal for any production
  • A wide selection of international flights