Leifur B. Dagfinnsson

Chairman / Founding Partner

Leifur began his career in the film business in 1986 as a PA and worked his way up, acting in roles such as Assistant Director, Location Manager, Production Manager and Producer, both internationally and domestically before settling down in Iceland to focus on production services and putting Iceland on the map as a top filming destination.

As the integral architect behind Truenorth, he has produced countless commercials throughout the years and has played a prominent role in administering most of the major studio films produced in Iceland. 

Line Producer/UPM credits include; The Fifth Estate, Thor: The Dark WorldThe Secret Life of Walter MittyOblivion, Prometheus, Stardust, Flags of our Fathers, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider  and James Bond: Die Another Day.

Producer on Queen Latifah’s The Perfect Holiday, Associate Producer & 1st AD on Baltasar Kormakur's film A Little Trip To Heaven and Producer on the TV series LazyTown, Executive Producer on Hostel Part II


Helga Margrét Reykdal

General Manager / Founding Partner

Helga’s media experience varies from journalism to broadcasting and film production. She was the Iceland Coordinator for the shooting of projects such as James Bond Die Another Day, Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers and Stardust directed by Matthew Vaughn, as well as Production Manager on Journey 3-D directed by Eric Brevig.

Since the founding of Truenorth Helga has served as the General Manager.


Rafnar Hermannsson

Producer / Partner

Rafnar acquired his film degree from the University of Tampa in 1995. He worked both in the US and around the world for eight years on commercials, TV shows and feature films before returning to Iceland.

Rafnar´s international production experience was a valuable piece to the puzzle when joining the Truenorth team in October 2004. Rafnar has produced countless commercials, music videos and films, e.g. Line Producer on Nothing but Ghosts directed by Martin Gypkens and Island erzen im Eis, in addition to production managing the Iceland shooting of Hostel Part II directed by Eli Roth. Rafnar´s most recent credit includes UPM on Darren Aronofsky's Noah, to be released in 2014.


Finni Jóhannsson

Producer / Partner

Finni’s first encounter with the film industry was in front of the camera as an actor in an Icelandic Feature in 1995, but he soon moved into the grip department and worked as "The" Key Grip for several years. His projects include Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Hafið (The Sea), Flags of our Fathers, and Stardust. His next move was into production taking and the UPM role on the Iceland shoot of Batman Begins in 2004. Since joining Truenorth in 2005, Finni has produced many high profile commercials, concerts and film projects.

Finni's credits include Line Producer on Sigur-Ros rockumentary feature HEIMA, shot in the summer of 2006, and the Iceland filming of Hostel Part II directed by Eli Roth. The most recent credits include the Iceland filming of three feature films; Prometheus, Oblivion, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in all of which he served as Production Supervisor. Most recently Finni worked on William Condon's The Fifth Estate (Dreamworks) as Production Manager. 


Thor Kjartansson

Events / Location Manager / Partner

Thor has a degree in Business Administration from Bifrost University. For years he worked on preparing and executing safari tours around the highlands and glaciers of Iceland.  Furthermore, Thor has been an active member of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) for over 20 years. His experience is invaluable when it comes to Truenorth's Event and Film Production. Thor's exquisite knowledge of Iceland makes him one of our finest Location Managers.

Thor was Assistant Location Manager on Flags of our Fathers and Location Manager on various commercials and TV shows, including 3 episodes of Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild. Thor was Location Manager on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and in 2012 on Oblivion, Noah and Thor: The Dark World.


Árni Páll Hansson


His career commenced in Iceland in 1984, when Arni started working on commercial productions, which he did continuously until 1989, when he moved to California to study. Residing in Los Angeles for almost a decade, he worked on feature films, music videos, commercials, and TV shows, before moving back to Iceland in 1998. He worked freelance on various projects for some years as director, DOP, and focus puller.

Arni is one of the founders of Truenorth. He was Location Manager of the Iceland filming of features such as ‘James Bond’ Die Another Day, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Stardust and Flags of our Fathers. He Line-Produced A Little Trip to Heaven directed by Baltasar Kormakur, was Unit Production Manager on Journey to the Center of the Earth, and served as Unit Manager for TV show Lazytown. Arni was producer on 90% of all foreign commercial productions with Truenorth in the years 2003-2008. Subsequent to Arni’s short break from the industry in 2009-2012 he returned as Production Manager for the Iceland filming of Thor: The Dark World, and then taking over as Producer for Truenorth director duo Samuel and Gunnar.


Kristinn Thordarson


Kristinn Thordarson studied at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, focusing on producing and script development.  After finishing his studies, Kristinn worked for various studios in Los Angeles as a script editor before moving into independent production as a producer.  Kristinn produced his first feature film at the age of twenty-five and has since produced several feature films, TV series and short films. 

Kristinn’s latest film credits include “Fish out of Water (2013)” “Days of Gray (2012)” and “Shamer’s Daugther (2014)”.  The latest TV series are “Pressa III (2012)” and “Astridur II (2013)” both produced for Channel Two in Iceland.  Kristinn was also an executive producer on the short film “Whale Valley,” which won at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. 

Furthermore, Kristinn credits as line producer for production services include “Faust” by Alexander Sokurov, “The Race to the South Pole” by Oliver Halmburger and “Nova Zembla” by Reinout Oerlemans.


Tanja B. Hallvarðsdóttir


One of Tanja’s first jobs with Truenorth was as Production Assistant on Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers in 2005. Tanja has worked with the company alongside the expanding of her academic career and occasional freelance work. Now she has a business degree from the University of Reykjavik alongside an impressive record in production for Truenorth in various local and foreign commercials, events and photo shoots. 


Karl Sigurðarson

Marketing Manager and Producer

At the age of 20, Karl, got his first opportunity to work in the film production industry, when he was offered a position as PA on Tomb Raider, but turned down the offer claiming it wasn’t ‘his thing’. In succession to spending his twenties finishing a BA degree in political science and selling cars, he finally realized that perhaps he had erred in turning down the job and decided to focus on a career in production. To no one’s surprise he fitted the job superbly. 

 Since joining the profession Karl worked his way up from being a runner to becoming a producer within the company. His skills in producing, production managing, coordinating and location managing developed by working on numerous domestic and foreign commercials, music videos and events, has given him a resourceful and wide-ranged career.  After few years as full time employee at Truenorth, Karl decided to follow the love of his life to Switzerland but has since then worked frequently for Truenorth.  In June 2016, Karl was appointed the company’s Marketing Manager.


Lárus Halldórsson

Event Producer / Manager

Lárus (Lalli) is seasoned Event producer. His roots are in travel where he worked along his father as an operation manager for Iceland Safari. But one day he was lured into television, first as a TV host but liking it more on the other end of the camera he pursuit his career as a producer. For several years he was an Executive Producer for Sagafilm and founded an event department, which is his passion today. 

A good party with the right atmosphere, food and wine is what Larus thrives on. For an Event we often require one to “produce a rabbit from the hat”, and when it comes to that, no one is better than “Lalli”. 


Sædís Kolbrún Steinsdóttir

Event Producer / Manager

Since 2004 Sædís has worked as a Producer and Event Manager on 100+ projects and events for a wide variety of films, commercials, concert promoters, video game companies, finance firms, artists and major brands, based in Reykjavik, Shanghai and New York. Her responsibilities for each project/event cover pre-production, production and management, through post-production, including creation of associated photo/video media. 

Sædís joined Truenorth in April 2014 after returning back to Iceland after 5 years abroad in Shanghai and New York. 

Within Truenorth, Saedis works on the production side of both events and film, her most recent credits include: Production Coordinator for Volvic Unstoppable Volcanicity worldwide TVC, Line Producer for an exclusive Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 1998 launch in Iceland, Production Assistant for Sense8 Original Netflix Series, Production Manager for Sense8 commercial shoot for Netflix and Line Producer for Sense8 series wrap event held in Iceland January 2015. 


Elín Mjöll Þórhallsdóttir

Production Manager

Elín Mjöll (Ella) joined Truenorth in early 2015, although her work with the company stretches back to 2010.

Ella holds a BSc degree in psychology from Reykjavik University.Through the years Ella has worked in many different fields, including teaching computer game programming to Elementary School students and teachers alike.

Ella has worked on various productions within the film, televison and commercial industry, along with event planning. Her most recent credits with Truenorth include Volvic, Audi, LG, CalorieMate, Indila, Sense8 marketing shoot, Honda, Caterpillar and the movie Shamer’s Daughter.

Within Truenorth Ella works for the feature film department.


Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson

Locations / Photographer / Social Media Manager

Siggeir a.k.a. Sig Vicious was born a compulsive trouble maker with an eye for the golden ratio. He started as a graphic designer in 1997. With clients like Adobe, Nike, Wired Magazine, Hewlett-Packard and MTV and works published in various design books over the years, Sig has established himself as a daring thinker and a bold visual composer. Online, offline and everywhere in between.

Siggeir has in recent years emerged as a prolific photographer, and hence he joined Truenorth as location database technician, location photographer, alongside being our social media hero. He also did some of Truenorth’s initial design works.

Siggeir likes StarWars, Bass music and designing vinyl sleeves. Furthermore he enjoys gardening and long walks on the beach. 


Per Henry Borch

Truenorth Norway / Executive Producer

Per Henry´s passion for location started long before he stared with film production.
He accomplished various unsupported ski expeditions across Greenland, both to South and North pole and has been a part of Norwegian
climbing expeditions to K2 in Pakistan.

Per has sailed across The Pacific and lived in New Zealand training to be a commercial helicopter pilot until he stumbled onto a film set…
So when he started with film production in 1994, filming on location was his drive.
The more difficult the better.
As he has handled productions on all continents of the world, and he knows what the industry is demanding,
specially out on remote locations and has worked both sides of the table, Per knows how to get the most of any budget or script.
After so many years of expeditions and adventures he still has the travel and production bug.
Just turned country no# 101, he is still aiming for having visited all counties of the world.
Per Henry joined the Truenorth team is 2016, Line Producing “Downsizing” after nearly 25 years working out of Oslo as a Line
Producer/ Location Manager for domestic and international features and commercials.

If he is not working, then you might spot him doing anything from travelling combined with motorcycling, skiing and/or photography.


Tor Arne Øvrebø

Truenorth Norway / UPM/ Line Producer

Tor Arne has worked many years as production manager and line producer in domestic and international commercials,
before moving on to TV-series and feature films. He was the service and line producer for The Snowman -the first American studio production to shoot the entire film in Norway.
Film is not only Tor's work but also his hobby and passion, even running an outdoor projection company.
He graduated from University of Bergen, Copenhagen and The Norwegian School of  Economics, with a degree in Economics & Arts, 
worked with printed media before entering the film production world in 2002, doing SFX for several years before moving on to production management. 
Tor has a focus on film production and accounting.  He joined Truenorth on "Downsizing" for Paramount Pictures.